The Grants' African adventure

On the road (quick update)

Just a quick update (this morning South Africa time). We’ve been on the road the last few days, staying with long-time family friends of the Grants as we start to make our way east, and north of Cape Town. The main highways here are excellent – the N2 puts the Bruce or Newell Highways to absolute shame. So it’s easy and enjoyable driving.

Tuesday morning the tablecloth lifted and we were able to get up the stunning slopes of Table Mountain – recently named one of the new wonders of the natural world. The tablecloth had lifted but Cape Town remained swathed in a fog so it was a stunning view – you really felt on top of the world. Joseph and Lance missed Table Mountain because they were near Cape Aghulus, diving with Great White sharks. As soon as we get some cheap internet we will post photos and footage of both. On this holiday Joseph has ridden an elephant, fed lions and dived with sharks. He loves the adventure.

Tuesday night we stayed with my Mum and Dad’s best friends the Jenkinsons in Somerset West and we had dinner with them and two of their sons (George and Neville and families). We talked rugby and how wonderful my parents are!

Yesterday morning we sadly dropped Morag off at Cape Town airport for her return home. It has been brilliant having Morag and Lance with us on this trip and we will miss Morag’s cheerfulness, insight stories.

Destination Wednesday was Mossell Bay and the precious Minnaar/Brown family. On the way we stopped at a warm roadside cafe to catch the second half of the State of Origin on internet streaming. And it turns out we were sitting next to a group of Aussies on safari. So we all huddled around the iPad to listen to the gripping final stages. They were from NSW so they didn’t like the finish. đŸ˜‰

And so we are at Mossell Bay. Aunty Grace is one of my favourite people in the world – as close to a living saint as I have ever met. We spent many happy weekends at their ranch in West Nicholson when I was a kid so it has been great to catch up. Elna (Aunty Grace’s daughter) has been a wonderful host and very good to us to invade with three rambunctious boys, and her son Basil spent some time with us when we were in Dubbo. He is now an associate pastor at a church just down the road and their social outreach program into the local community is inspiring. They’re doing a really good work.

Today we head up to Cango Caves and have a unit booked at Knysna this evening.


One response

  1. Sheila Grant

    Gee willikins, what a story you have to tell, and so glad you saw Gracie and Elna etc! Precious people….You have grown somewhat since they last saw you? Thrilling to hear your stories, and Morag will be home today. Too much to comment on except that the State of Origin third game was the best ever, and very enjoyable!!! Can’t wait to see you all. Blessings.

    July 5, 2012 at 3:41 pm

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