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Photo Blog – Last days in Switzerland


The view from our bedroom at Nick and Nat’s


Monstein – Last paradise before heaven. (Another sign says last beerstop before Monstein – it’s Europe’s highest brewery.)


Going up on the chair lift




The Grant and Crichton clans



Abby gate crashes Nat and Anne.

Final Swiss days


After our five countries in a day effort of Thursday we thought we’d spend the rest of our time taking it a bit easy in beautiful Monstein and Davos. Nat Crichton finished and graduated from her course in tropical medicine on the Thursday, it was great to be around to help celebrate the effort in some small way.


Five countries in one day (Anne’s side of the story!!)


Stunning Lake Como

If I had known that roll-starting that bus was just the beginning of the stomach-twisting stress we would feel, I may not have been so excited about going on this crazy road-trip! While Andrew and the boys pushed the car I accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake on the way down the hill and just missed taking out the side mirror by about a millimetre! Actually, I am so glad we did this trip. Doing it all in two days made the contrast between the countries even more obvious.


One day, five countries (pictorial)


Starting point, the view from our villa in Domaso, Lake Como, Italy.



Chaos and disorder


A ruined castle on the way to Como.

Today was the start of our European road trip. We started the day getting the Crichton girls off on their school camp, They’re off on a three day ride in the Alps, sleeping in farmhouse barns. Then we had to roll start the Crichton’s Campervan – flat battery. And then we were off, heading south to Switzerland.


Tim’s snowy experience (the secret of Tim’s life)


Now you all know how I chucked that snowball at fish. Well this time I hit Elijah. You see it was snowing up in the mountains. That was very lucky so we all drove up there. We all had warm clothes on. But when we got out of the car. The snow hit my exposed part, my face. It was VERY cold.


It’s snowing again

Apparently the locals are feeling a bit sorry for us because normally June is sunny and ‘warm’. The forecast for Davos today is minimum 4, maximum 8 and showers. Monstein is a few hundred metres further up in altitude and it hasn’t risen above 6 yet, and it’s midday.

Joseph and I went for a wonder up the main street today and noticed the snow line was not too far above town. The wonderful neighbours of the Crichtons have a Subaru with snow tyres and were good enough to let these strange Australian strangers borrow it, so back up into the Alps we went.


A photo blog


Tim enjoys white table service in Premium Economy.


Jet Lag is nothing


Andrew writing today. I’m the only one in the family who has travelled outside Australia so for several weeks I have had a smug satisfaction knowing just how much the rest of them would be blown away by the experience of waking up on the other side of the world with EVERYTHING so different to anything they’ve ever known.

And I have to confess I LOVE international travel. I hadn’t been outside Australia for 18 years before last year when I went to Canada with work, and that was probably what lit the fuse for this trip. So here we are.


Made it!


Over forty hours after leaving Mapleton (and running on about 4 hours sleep total in all that time – less for Andrew and Tim!) we finally arrived in Davos, Switzerland. We were so hyped by all the new sights and seeing our dear friends, the Crichtons, that we didn’t even feel tired! The boys looked pale with black circles under their swollen eyes (seriously, they looked terrible!) but it didn’t stop them immediately going off and running around with all the village (pronounced “willage”!) children. The Crichton girls introduced them around and soon they disappeared into a neighbours house (aaaaggghhh!!!). No, seriously, we were delighted with that. The girls have these gorgeous baby rabbits so even if all the kids didn’t understand each other, they all know how to cuddle fluffy bunnies and chase each other around. At one stage I looked out the window of the Crichtons house to see Tim talking with an old lady. I have no idea what he was trying to communicate but the hand signals were cute and the lady was smiling!